Top 5 things to manage your PCOS naturally

PCOS management

olycystic Ovarian Syndrome commonly known as PCOS  is a hormonal condition that causes the ovaries to develop small cysts from the eggs which do not fully mature in the ovaries. When ovulation does not happen, corresponding increase in production of progesterone also does not happen. However estrogen and testosterone continue to be produced. This leads to unbalanced hormones. 1 in 7 women in their reproductive age suffer from P

Managing PCOS naturally

Managing PCOS

As a woman with PCOS, every single day is a battle. There are days when my mood swings are so erratic that I doubt my sanity. There are days I feel so tired that I couldn’t even get up from bed. There are days I feel famished even after eating wholesome meals. I started to lose hair on my forehead and grow new ones on my chin and upper lips.