The Future Belongs To Those Who Believe In The Beauty Of Dreams

Eleanor Roosevelt


About Me

It is said that what we do with our time shows what matters us the most. When I had some free time in my hands, I didn’t had to think twice.

Hi All, My names Akhila and I am a digital marketer and a content creator. The idea of starting this blog stemmed from the thought of helping others who are going through the same struggles I went through mentally, physically, emotionally and professionally. I hope my words brings you happiness and hope.

“All I had to do was to decide what I wanted to do with my time”

Recent Posts

Some diseases have a life changing impact on your life and you would never be the same again!

It took me years to acknowledge that I am not a victim of PCOS rather I am a Warrior

Keto,Paleo, Gluten free, Vegetarian, Vegan, GM, No fat, Raw food, Fasting, 1200 cal, 800 cal ; you name it – I have tried them.

Self Care Topics

As women we are expected to take care of others. It can be our spouse, children, parents or even friends. But when it comes to one-self, we are often neglected by us. Taking care of ourself is quintessential to maintain our sanity and avoid burnouts. 

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